Having travelled around the globe, enjoying receiving locals' advice on new cities, James decided to start his own walking tour company to show off his beloved Bristol to visitors. Having previously worked in hotels in the city, James can now move out from behind the desk and guide visitors himself.


Originally from Valéncia in Spain, like many others young Spaniards in 2011 Patricia was “invited” to emigrate away. Her decision took her to New Zealand, where she spent five years working in the tourism industry, in combination with her studies and research in social and cultural Anthropology. During her time abroad she was able to learn about different cities and cultures through free tours offered by local people, and it seemed such a great idea that she wanted to bring it back to Europe in her backpack. Now a converted Bristolian, Patricia wants to share her passion with those visiting this great city. 


Remaining enigmatic for now! Bio coming soon!